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Makinex Mixing Station

$2,528.90 $2,198.90

 ✔ Complete Mixing Solution.  ✔ Mix 100kg in 3 Mins Fast.   ✔ Ergonomic Australian Design.   ✔ 2 Year Warranty.   FAST MIXEASY POUR The Makinex Mixing Station is an efficient mixing...

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Ewe Lift 160kg

$438.90 $373.07

 ✔ Lift & support animals & objects.  ✔ 160kg weight capacity.   ✔ Reduce OH&S Issues.   ✔ Weighs only 12kgs.   TAKE THESTRAIN & PAIN OUT OF ANIMAL MANAGEMENT Ewe...

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Keg Buddy-Keg Trolley


 ✔ Transport Kegs with ease.  ✔ 80kg weight capacity.   ✔ Reduce OH&S Issues.   ✔ Weighs only 10kgs.   KEG BUDDY THE KEG TROLLEY MAKING KEG TRANSPORT EASY Keg Buddy is the...

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Ewe Cradle-Healy

$328.90 $279.57

Healy Ewe Cradle Compliments Ewe LiftEwes and rams up to 135 kgAccommodates any size eweGreat aid for mothering on lambsHeavy duty cross frame constructionAssists with sleep sickness, cast ewes and bearing ewesGood access for lambs whilst providing...

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Ewe Cradle-Te Pari

$328.90 $279.57

Te Pari Lightweight Ewe Cradle-Made in New Zealand Weighs only 7 kgs Adjustable w/ securing straps Easy access for lambs to drink Provides comfort and support for Ewes Lightweight and durable galvanised frame Quality easy clean non-perishable...

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Hive Lift


Hive Lift   Compliments Spitzlift Cranes Tynes flip for storage & transport Zinc plated for corrosion resistance Lightweight & Portable, weighs only 6kg Tynes adjust to pick up hive or split supers Compatible with most timber &...

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Drum Grab 500kg


 ✔ Holds up 500kg.  ✔ Lift 205 Ltr rimmed drums.   ✔ Fits any lifting device.   ✔ Easy operation   SAFE, EASY & RELIABLEDRUM GRABLIFTING DEVICE   500kg drum grab provides a...

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Sheep Cuffs

$33.00 $29.70

 ✔ Safely secure sheep  ✔ Simple and easy to use.   ✔ Suitable for Ewe Lift lifting device.   ✔ Australian made   SAFE, EASY & RELIABLESHEEP CUFFSLIFTING ASSISTANCE...

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