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Makinex Mixing Station


 ✔ Complete Mixing Solution.  ✔ Mix 100kg in 3 Mins Fast.   ✔ Ergonomic Australian Design.   ✔ 2 Year Warranty.   FAST MIXEASY POUR The Makinex Mixing Station is an efficient mixing...

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Ewe Lift 160kg


 ✔ Lift & support animals & objects.  ✔ 160kg weight capacity.   ✔ Reduce OH&S Issues.   ✔ Weighs only 12kgs.   TAKE THESTRAIN & PAIN OUT OF ANIMAL MANAGEMENT Ewe...

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Keg Buddy-Keg Trolley


 ✔ Transport Kegs with ease.  ✔ 80kg weight capacity.   ✔ Reduce OH&S Issues.   ✔ Weighs only 10kgs.   KEG BUDDY THE KEG TROLLEY MAKING KEG TRANSPORT EASY Keg Buddy is the...

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Hive Lift


Hive Lift   Compliments Spitzlift Cranes Tynes flip for storage & transport Zinc plated for corrosion resistance Lightweight & Portable, weighs only 6kg Tynes adjust to pick up hive or split supers Compatible with most timber &...

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Drum Grab 500kg


 ✔ Holds up 500kg.  ✔ Lift 205 Ltr rimmed drums.   ✔ Fits any lifting device.   ✔ Easy operation   SAFE, EASY & RELIABLEDRUM GRABLIFTING DEVICE   500kg drum grab provides a...

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Sheep Cuffs


 ✔ Safely secure sheep  ✔ Simple and easy to use.   ✔ Suitable for Ewe Lift lifting device.   ✔ Australian made   SAFE, EASY & RELIABLESHEEP CUFFSLIFTING ASSISTANCE...

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